Top quality and affordable ...
** Extremely Durable and Heavy Duty
** Quickly and easily installed
** Fits virtually any model of truck
** Comes with COMPLETE ASSEMBLY ready for installation, instructions included Bolts directly to the frame rail, WITH NO BED REMOVAL REQUIRED
** Requires ONLY TWO HOLES drilled on each side of frame, and one for the ball.
** A no-drill kit is available for most truck models making installation even easier.
All of the products offered come with a one year factory warranty.
Safety Chains
The system of hardened steel hooks secure with a twist. They do not require drilling or any installation.  Traditional U-Bolt safety chain devices are available if preferred.
REVERSIBLE BALL allows full use of bed when not towing!!
Dual boxed beam center section formed from 1/4" STEEL PLATE!!!

Rated at 35,000 lbs GVW and 7,500 lbs gross tongue weight!!

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